In groups we were tasked with creating a character using items from each of our cabinets of curiosities – with the twist that this character has been reported missing.

Our group: myself, Andrew Cardinal, Anmol Tailor, Ashleigh Clayton-Goddard and Aaron Kandemir.

The first thing we did as a group was we shared our cabinets and talked a little bit about ourselves, our personality traits and likes and dislikes. From things we had in common we then started to form a character that would share these traits.

Our missing person’s character bio is as follows:

Connor Biron, 15 years old, 45 Belgrave Road, from Coventry, autistic, lives with his mother, never knew his father, not many friends apart from his counsellor, bullied in school (see PowerPoint for more details).

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We decided that while Connor wouldn’t have any other form of social media, he would share some of his photography on Instagram. We decided that he would have autism as when we were building the character, a lot of the traits we were describing for him correlated with someone who would have autism. We decided to research this idea further and looked at clips from movies and tv shows that featured autistic characters (as seen in the PowerPoint). Also Andrew’s brother works with children who have autism and my sister specialises in childhood development so we each talked to them about the disorder so that we had a better understanding of it, meaning we would represent it respectfully.

We decided that we liked the idea of presenting this missing person task as a police briefing which meant that we had to have suspects and leads that the police would be investigating. To divide the work we decided to each create a character profile for the people closest to Connor who might be considered suspects. This enabled us to have a better understanding of the characters and story we were dealing with. As a group we decided on the sort of characters that we wanted to portray in the police team and then individually we fleshed them out, giving them mannerisms, a backstory and their own personal opinion on what happened to Connor.

We decided to use the visual aid of having a cork board with pictures of Connor, his den and the main suspects. We also presented an audio of Connor’s mother phoning the police following his disappearance and a video of what was found in his den. We decided that the den would be a good way to incorporate items from our cabinets of curiosities into the presentation.

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On the day, I think the presentation went well. We tried to include a lot of detail in the presentation but as there was so much to include we sometimes lost track of what we needed to say. It also felt a bit rushed when we presented however, overall I think we did well as a team. We all knew a lot of detail about our character and we left the audience with unanswered questions as to what happened to him, which was our intent as we wanted to hint at multiple possible scenarios in which why Connor went missing.