Pretty much all of us use social media to some extent, whether it be for a business, to keep in touch with friends or to follow what your favourite celebrities are doing. But do we ever really think about how our online presence may effect us, or in what different ways we use social media? In this blog post I will be analysing my social media presence and whether it presents myself as a cohesive brand.


Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platforms, and has been popular for longer than a lot of others. I personally use Facebook because it’s easy to upload photos in large quantities by creating albums, it’s an easy way to stay in touch with friends and family that I may otherwise lose contact with and I use it’s messaging system. I don’t usually make my own statuses except to wish someone a happy birthday and I keep it mainly ‘family friendly’ as I have a lot of relatives on there. This means I don’t really use it as a place to share opinions or jokes but more of a place to show people what I am up to. I also follow various news sites and consume probably the bulk of my current affairs knowledge through the site.


I mainly use Twitter to follow YouTubers that I like, to see what they’re up to and to keep up to date with videos. I also ‘retweet’ funny jokes or opinions that I agree with. While my Facebook is filled with all my friends and family, my Twitter is mainly a select group of my friends and YouTubers/celebrities. This means I feel more free to share political jokes and statements as I don’t have to worry about how some people would reply and possibly causing an argument. I also use it to share my opinions on TV shows or films that I’ve recently watched and I sometimes get involved in Twitter hashtags for things I am passionate about, for example, I got involved in #SherlockReacts as I am a big fan of the show and I like hearing other people’s theories. On the rare occasion I upload photos to Twitter, they wouldn’t be edited and would most likely be something funny than an aesthetically appealing photo.


I use Instagram for sharing individual photos, usually attempting to capture a moment in time. These photos are usually better quality and are edited so that they will achieve the most likes. I don’t usually share other people’s posts on Instagram unless I use someone else’s photo that I know and re-edit it for my account.


Different social media sites exist because they have different purposes. Facebook shows people the facts, such as places I’ve been, people I’ve been with and what I do in my spare time; Twitter shows people both my more fun and more political side; and Instagram shows people aesthetic snapshots of what I’m currently doing.

My social media presence differs depending on what social networking site you look at. And, as a media professional, it is worth considering adjusting my social media presence to be more coherent as I may use them to communicate with other media producers.