One of the tasks for this module was to create a logo in Photoshop that represented ourselves as a brand, following our studies of logos and their impact.


fluffy white dog logo 2.png

My first idea for the logo design came from the name of my personal blog that I created a couple of years ago Nerd Behind the Camera. The idea behind this was to keep it incredibly simple, using just a pair of glasses framed by corner markers, representing looking through a camera. I thought that this simple idea would work effectively to make an impact but after messing around in Photoshop with the design, I found it was just too boring and simplistic and didn’t give great enough impact. After this, I went back to basics to start coming up with another logo design. We were encouraged to think about things that we cared about and one of the things that came to mind was my dog. I thought that using my dog in the logo would make it more personal to me and added a cuteness factor. Animals in logo design are often used this way or as a symbolic representation of the company’s ideals, for example the MSN butterfly represents freedom. In an online article, Kalie Moore says to “choose an animal people can relate to” and I think using a dog is accessible to most people.

As well as using my dog, I wanted my logo to represent that I make films so that it could not be misunderstood as something like a dog grooming company. I tried different ideas such as a projector, camera or film reel but eventually I arrived at using a clapperboard because I thought the simple design was recognisable and was very easily identifiable as film production. I also thought that a clapperboard would better represent the production side of filmmaking whereas a projector may represent the distribution side more. I decided not to make the clapperboard too detailed because I felt a simple design was still recognisable and would look cleaner.

I decided to simply use black and white because a lot of successful logos use simple, two colour schemes in their designs and after looking up colour theory in logo design, I found this excerpt on why black and white work well together:

“Black is professional and credible, but it can be edgy as well. White is clean and pure. Using them together makes for a logo that is timeless and beautiful. Nike and Puma use black for an edgy vibe, while newspapers and other publications use black and white for the combination’s balance and simplicity.” (The psychology of color in logo design, 2013)

Simply put, black and white is clean-cut, defined and professional while also representing balance (think of the yin-yang symbol).

At first I was going to simply use my name but I thought using Fluffy White Dog Productions sounded more professional and like a business. I think the dog and the use of the word ‘fluffy’ to describe it is quite cute and makes the brand seem comforting but the use of black in the logo design keeps it quite professional. I also think the font helps with this as I chose something similar to that of a typewriter or the sort of font you’d see used when writing scripts and it looks quite professional.

As I didn’t have access to a graphics tablet and didn’t want to steal other artists’ work, I drew my logo design on paper before scanning it and editing it in photoshop. I think the overall effect works quite nicely and I decided not to tidy up the design to much, keeping it a bit messy and obviously hand-drawn because I liked the aesthetic it achieved.


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