Working Title: Detective Flatmate

I think we all know someone who watches a couple of detective shows and suddenly thinks they’re Sherlock Holmes.

Sarah’s leftover pizza has gone missing, and Max is on the case. Suddenly he whips into ‘detective mode’, dramatically whipping on his trench coat and crouching on the floor looking for clues. The rest of his flatmates leave him to it, assuming he’ll drop the topic, but when they return the flat has been turned upside down and their rooms broken into, leaving the kitchen a mess. Interrogations occur but everyone seems to have an alibi and Max has to rope in a sidekick to take the case to the streets and search out the discarded pizza box, but when he spots who he suspects is the culprit a chase ensues. Resulting in his falling off a roof. When he returns to the flat, bandaged and bruised, he is finally able to come to his conclusion. His big reveal; that it could have only been him. The flatmates are left annoyed at the realisation he went through all of this effort just to reveal it was him. He’s left staring out of the window trying, and failing, to play a violin.

My fanfiction will be in the style of a sketch comedy, similar to that of YouTubers such as TomSka and Jack & Dean. It will copy the codes and conventions of crime dramas, focusing on BBC’s Sherlock. It will be quite fast-paced, with parts such as the interrogation taking on a montage-y effect.

[This idea was scrapped as it is a sketch comedy and didn’t quite fill the brief.]