Ceri was, in all respects, an ordinary mother. She took care of four kids, for the best part single-handedly, while also being one of the best at her job. She received countless awards for her hard work and dedication to her job, but the things she valued most in life were her relationships with family and friends. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 45 and remained strong through her battle until she died December 22nd 2014. Her impact continues to effect and inspire those who knew her.

For the People 2 People task, I’ve chosen to do it on my mum Ceri as I wanted to explore the idea of making a documentary about an ‘ordinary person’ while having it still be gripping and emotive. I would use interviews with her family members and friends, including her kids, her father and her siblings and use footage of her 1 year-old granddaughter that she never got to meet.

Treatment (updated):

My plan was to open the documentary by asking all of the interviewees to describe Ceri in one word, so that the audience would just hear these adjectives and begin to paint a picture in their heads of what this person may be like before diving in to her story. I had planned to then move between everyone’s interviews where they talk about her life growing up, becoming a successful manager and her relationships with her friends and family. As this is going on the audience would most likely assume that she has passed away due to her absence in the video and use of past-tense but I would leave it until quite far in before mentioning her cancer diagnosis. Throughout this I would include relevant photos and some short clips of home video footage to make the audience identify Ceri and form a connection with her. While the film would regardless be emotional because of the content I would want to leave it on quite a positive note by getting the interviewees to talk about how Ceri continues to inspire them and use visuals of her one-year old granddaughter.

While my pitch wasn’t chosen for this module, I would still keep this idea in mind for the future as it is something I would really like to make one day.

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