For 162mc we had to form groups to produce a 3-minute short film based on the notion of fan-fiction.

During our first meeting we all shared our ideas for the individual scripts that we were already writing for the other part of the module and ‘pitched’ them to one another so that we could debate and decide which script would be the best to film. Most of the script ideas had difficulties in terms of believable actors and production values which was one of the main reasons we decided to go with Rae’s Purge idea. The idea was set in student halls in the UK during the Purge where a group of flatmates argue over typical ‘student’ things, like who stole the milk and taking the bins out, which results in them all killing each other. We thought that this was an accessible idea to make as we wouldn’t need to worry about casting actors that look like the characters they’re meant to be playing and the location was obviously readily available for us. prod meeting notes 2

I decided to take up the role of director because I hadn’t done this role yet during the course and wanted to challenge myself. As director I also took the responsibility of re-writing Rae’s first draft of the script to be more appropriate for what the group wanted. 17176111_10207944910640888_1721379601_o

To find actors we used the FAH Skills Circle on Facebook and both me and Marcia from the group stepped in on filming day to play the two additional roles at the beginning and end of the film.

I had originally wanted the film to have a more comedic tone but through editing the script with my group and everyone’s creative influences it ended up a bit more dramatic than I’d originally envisioned. I took a lot of inspiration from Edgar Wright while re-writing and preparing for directing as I love his comedy films. This influenced things like the slider shot of the characters on the sofa, the ‘want a cup of tea?’ line, the montage sequence and the lack of static/tripod camera shots.

I also took inspiration from this video analysis of the Coen brother’s use of shot-reverse shot. It describes them as filming dialogue “inside the space of the conversation” which we used for the confrontation between Steven and Chloe. We were worried during filming that it may look a bit too ‘Peep Show’ however I am happy with how it came out in the final product.