This post will be updated weekly with brief thoughts, notes and pictures from the lectures, workshops and seminars for the live TV project.

Week 1 – 06/03/17

  • 10 minute magazine show
  • ‘as-live’ (no editing)
  • Must include: A VT, studio interview, demonstration item (how-to), performance, international item, interactive item (social media), a ‘clip’ item.
  • Possible themes: spontaneity, weird and wonderful, risky business, fantasy.
  • Task: watch The One Show.

17819880_1215926905199349_425762173_oWeek 2 – 13/03/17

  •  Group decided on theme weird and wonderful, focusing on nerd/geek culture.
  • Compare and contrast 2 magazine studio programmes, NOT The One Show. Look at the following – The Presenters, —The Look, —The Content.

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Week 3 – 20/03/17

  • Studio direction and visual storytelling – what shots are used, how they are cut, camera movement and WHY.

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Week 4 – 27/03/17

  • Controversial and difficult situations.
  • Channel 4 remit vs BBC One remit.
  • Good practice – tone, time-slot and integrity.  Taste and decency.
  • Honesty, accuracy, integrity, fair dealing.
  • Copyright and consent.
  • Parody/caricature/pastiche – must be funny!


Week 5 – 03/04/17

  • Website and social media tie-ins.

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Week 6 – 01/05/17

  • Two weeks to LIVE!
  • All VTs need to be finished.
  • Meeting to split funds for SPFX makeup (demo item).
  • Set design needs to be decided.

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Week 7 – 08/05/17

  • Final rehearsals!
  • Set-up time needs to be improved.
  • Guest came in so interview was practiced – needs tightening up, cue cards.
  • 30 second news bulletin – better communication between gallery and presenters for countdown.
  • Group needs to stay focused at all times.

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