Magazine programme, definition:

“a regular television or radio programme comprising a variety of topical items.”

For the next part of 161MC, in groups we have to produce a live magazine show and as preparation we were encouraged to study an episode of The One Show. The One Show is a nightly magazine programme broadcast before the watershed on weekday nights on BBC One. Below are some notes I made during the show and things I thought about show

Episode broadcastΒ Wednesday, 4 Jan 2017, 19:00

Log of what happened in the show:

The presenters start by talking to some audience members about New Years’ resolutions (using hand-held microphones). The first lot of guests areΒ then introduced, cheered on by the crowd and greeted by the presenters. Email address is mentioned and put on screen for audience interaction. The presenters walk forward (camera moves backwards) as they introduce the main guest. Camera whip-pans to Jack Whitehall (the main guest) is sat at the sofa and the presenters move to sit opposite/beside him. Camera is craned down as an establishing shot of the location and showing the large ‘One’ logo in the background. Presenters begin by asking how guest is doing and having a bit of banter before plugging his latest projects.

Move to topical segment – beginning of the year, what it holds VT. VT is naff green-screen with a different host. Comes back to the studio from the VT and presenters make a brief comment on what they saw, main talking point is Brexit. As it is the BBC and they don’t want to be seen ‘swaying’ people a certain way they leave the talk about it ambiguous and to avoid confrontation, don’t ask the guests which way they wanted it to go (keep it light-hearted). (Jack Whitehall even makes a joke that the subject matter is far more serious than is usual and the presenters laugh it off saying it will get back to being ‘very One Show’ soon when they start discussing sea mice).

Next segment – Sheffield council cutting down trees. Not controversial or taboo. Local news being taken to a national level. All sides of the story, spoken to locals, tree experts and the council – not trying to make anyone out to be a villainΒ or offend anyone.

Back to Jack Whitehall plugging his show, a quick clip from a previous comedy performance with no swearing and a family-friendly joke. All of the conversation appears casual but links back to the show and Alex Jones plugs the tour at the end of the conversation.

Next segment, short films about some One Show viewers and what they hope to get out of the new year. Heart-warming stories.

Back to the studio where people who have got in contact via social media since the start of the show are read out on their predictions for the year (live audience participation). Guests share their opinions on what should change in 2017. Kept civil by the presenters.

Next segment, VT of the Loo of the Year awards. No, seriously. Interviews with inspectors and toilet attendants, shining a light on blue-collar workers? Story of Baba, a toilet attendant with a sweet, happy personality and the first person to win attendant of the year award two years in a row. Baba then shows up in the studio to cheers from the audience. Is this what our show needs to be successful? A story about someone who cleans toilets? Is this what a quality magazine show needs to succeed?Β Anyway. Then other people who have won obscure awards come out, do a mime about what the award was for and Jack Whitehall has to guess what the award was for. Celebrating everyday heroes?

Another VT with naff green-screen about milestones in the year ahead.

The guests share their ideas for what will be in the headlines in the year ahead, debate ensues which the presenters keep friendly and the guests and presenters have a bit of banter. Plug Jack Whitehall’s period drama.

VT about recycling? I don’t know anymore. They turn the recycling story into something emotional, one family throwing out their kids toys now that they’ve grown up, a biker turned born-again christian.

Return from the VT and the presenters and guests have moved outside, change of scenery, leading onto the next segment. Presenters ask each of the guests something they own that they will never throw away linking back to the VT they just saw.

Alex introduces the performers who are just behind the presenters and guests. (They are outside as they couldn’t fit in the studio by the looks of it.) There is an audience around them, visible on camera and a large ‘ONE’ logo in front of them on the ground so, despite not being in the usual set, it is still recognisable as the One Show. The band is dressed respectively and the style of music is country-pop, the song about love so is suitable for a family audience.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 12.06.16

Presenters – One male, one female. Both white. ‘Down-to-earth’ impression. Clean-shaven, no visible tattoos, natural hair colour, natural-looking makeup. Regional British accents. Matt – former Blue Peter and Countryfile presenter. Alex – BBC and S4C. No controversies.

Set – Red and purple background, in front of windows, white on red logo, green sofa. Sofas – evening tv show, imitates sitting around a living room. Screens around. Coffee table with glasses of water.