In our TV show we are going to be including a section about sexual harassment at conventions. In order for the content to adhere to standards of taste and decency some caution has to be taken when discussing something controversial like this. In the lecture about this topic four things were listed that need to be taken into consideration when producing content for this show; honesty, accuracy, integrity and fair dealing. Everyone working on the show should do some research to have a basic understanding of the topic that is being dealt with and so that they know how to handle it. This particularly applies to the producer, as they are in charge of the running of the show, whoever is involved writing the script, so that they don’t include anything misleading or offensive, the floor manager, who is responsible for interacting with the guests, and the presenters. The presenters are the ones actually interacting with the guests on camera so if they appear ignorant or offend the guests it will make the show awkward, it could turn into an argument and could bother people viewing at home. The presenters and script-writers should take time with the guests before recording to discuss what will and won’t be asked so that nothing inappropriate is asked live and the guests will feel more comfortable knowing the questions beforehand meaning they will give more interesting answers. The presenters should be calm and have neutral expressions when discussing something as serious as this. It is also common for TV shows to finish a controversial segment with referrals to their website with more information and places that anyone affected could get support.