Top Gear

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The banners and text are black which matches the show’s logo and the colours seen on the set.Β Red is a pretty common colour to see for cars (F1 logo, Mitsubishi and other car logos and red sports cars) so works as an accent colour. Content on the homepage includes featured videos, news, reviews, their online store and a section specifically for the show itself. Banner at the top includes logo and hosts of the show.

The One Show

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The background is a picture of the set with red boxes over top, matching the logo. The presenters and show’s logo are clearly visible on the homepage. For some reason some of the text is yellow? Couldn’t tell you why. This is just a really ugly website. The front page includes a link to full episodes on iPlayer and people can use the website to watch clips, find official social media platforms for the show, meet the team, submit stories and find information and support relating to controversial discussions that would occur on the show.


This Morning

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The front page clearly displays the show and broadcaster’s logos. The use of white and a lot of empty space reflects the set of the show which is very open and airy. It’s also refreshing and clean, which could appeal for a morning talk show. There are clear links to clips from the show and articles relating to news and current affairs. The page is broken down by category; hot topics, food, showbiz etc so it is easy to navigate.


The websites all have the logo clearly visible on the front page so that a viewer would know that they are on the official website. They all include social media links, some with a call-to-action. They all feature navigation bars at the top of the page so people can find what they want quickly. They all at least loosely resemble the look and feel of the actual show, stayingΒ on-brand. The presenters are visible on the front page for Top Gear and The One Show, and for This Morning the different presenters can be seen in thumbnails for videos. This can help engage the audience as they see a familiar face.
Visitors to the website are encouraged to follow the different social media channels and share videos directly from the website, effectively acting as free marketing for the show. There are often bits of information that pertain to certain segments from the show itself but were too long to be included in the show. This includes things like recipes so that people can try it themselves at home without having to follow along quick-fire instructions from the episode.Β The One Show also has a page where you can ‘meet the team’ as they have a host of different presenters and reporters working on the show.