In this post I will be reflecting my role in the TV project.

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For this project we had to create a 10 minute magazine TV show in groups of fifteen. I decided early on that I wanted the role of producer as it was a role I’d never had before in any of the other projects on the course and I wanted to challenge myself.

One of the first things I did after getting the role was look through Moodle to read anything that might be useful. The first powerpoint on there stated that the producer should care about the introduction, the presenters, the look and sound, the content, the budget and the audience so I made note of this and went back to it several times while preparing the show. I also used YouTube and other online sources to look up what exactly the role of the producer should entail.

As a group we decided on the theme ‘weird and wonderful’ and that our show would be based around nerd culture as it was a bit different and something that the majority of us knew a lot about. Everyone contributed ideas towards the content including myself and a fair few of my ideas were included in the final product.  I often took the lead in seminars when we were discussing our plans for the show and took notes when we shared ideas. I also helped lead other discussions we had as a group such as when we had to split roles between absent team members and making final decisions about the content. Often people in the group who needed something would ask me to bring it up the group; before and after every seminar, lecture or workshop I would gather everyone for a small amount of time to share anything that was brought up and regularly messaged reminders in the group chat. To better keep track of the project I kept a schedule and decided on dates certain tasks had to be completed by.

I volunteered to write the script and the director, Jake Griffin, edited it. For the website I was a content producer, I contributed a lot of photos from rehearsals and I worked with the website designer Maddie Ely to over-see the design and content. During studio sessions when other team members were absent I took on other people’s roles so I’ve had experience being camera operator, floor manager, presenter and script supervisor.

Probably the most difficult part of the role was keeping track of 15 different people and what they needed to do. In the early weeks we had a very small turnout to the seminars, workshops and meetings which hindered our group as a whole. Our productivity was down and a lot of group members weren’t even sure what they had to be doing because they’d missed so much. It was my responsibility to chase these people up and remind them the importance of being there. I also made a note to myself to, at every opportunity, remind people of times of meetings and what they had to be doing in the meantime which I believe helped remind people they had work to do for the most part. At times I feel like I could have been more organised, especially in the early weeks, and in the beginning I didn’t feel wholly confident in myself to take charge. I think working on this project has taught me a lot about managing a team and what it takes; it was pretty frustrating and difficult at times but as a whole I really enjoyed the experience and the role I had.

On the run-up I will take responsibility in making sure everyone and everything we need gets to the set, that everyone feels prepared going into the recording and that everything is ready for a quick and easy set-up. On the day we go live I will keep every single team member and guest calm and organised during set-up and I will be in the gallery overseeing everything during the recording.