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The TV Project 161MC – Weekly Updates

This post will be updated weekly with brief thoughts, notes and pictures fromย the lectures, workshops and seminars for the live TV project.

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Writing a Fan-Fiction Script – From Pitch to Final Draft

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Branding Research – How YouTuber TomSka Presents Himself as a Brand to his Audience

While in the process of researching social media and branding I was tasked to look at other brandsย and focus on how they are successful/unsuccessful. One of those brands I decided to look at was that of Thomas ‘TomSka’ Ridgewell.

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The Interactive Story

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Manifesto Reflection – It’s a Boy/It’s a Girl

Reflection on the manifesto project for 160MC

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Meme Task (no, really)

There was an attempt….

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People to People – Pitch and Plan

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Media Platforms, Convergence and Prosumer Culture

Inย recent lectures we have discussed platforms and interactivity. In this blog post I will be responding to points brought up in these lectures combined with my own individual reading and research on the topics.

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Fanfiction Outline [Scrapped]

Working Title:ย Detective Flatmate

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