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People to People – Research and Reflection

For the People to People task, as part of 160MC, we had to produce a short documentary about a single person.

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Manifesto Reflection – It’s a Boy/It’s a Girl

Reflection on the manifesto project for 160MC

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People to People – Pitch and Plan

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How Timothy Treadwell Is Presented in the Documentary Grizzly Man (2005, Dir. Werner Herzog)

How does your perception of Timothy Treadwell evolve during the film, and how is that opinion shaped by Herzog’s narration?

Grizzly Man is a feature-length documentary about Timothy Treadwell, a man who spent his life documenting wild bears and founded the organisation Grizzly People which aims to help preserve bears and their habitats.

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MISSING – Cabinet of Curiosities Project

In groups we were tasked with creating a character using items from each of our cabinets of curiosities – with the twistย that this character has beenย reported missing.

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Reflecting on the Four Week Project (Lights, Camera, Action!)

A look-back at my group’s work on theย first project this year.

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