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The One Show – Introducing Magazine Programmes

Magazine programme, definition:

“a regular television or radio programme comprising a variety of topical items.”

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The TV Project 161MC – Weekly Updates

This post will be updated weekly with brief thoughts, notes and pictures fromΒ the lectures, workshops and seminars for the live TV project.

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Branding Research – How YouTuber TomSka Presents Himself as a Brand to his Audience

While in the process of researching social media and branding I was tasked to look at other brandsΒ and focus on how they are successful/unsuccessful. One of those brands I decided to look at was that of Thomas ‘TomSka’ Ridgewell.

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The Interactive Story

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Media Platforms, Convergence and Prosumer Culture

InΒ recent lectures we have discussed platforms and interactivity. In this blog post I will be responding to points brought up in these lectures combined with my own individual reading and research on the topics.

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Branding Myself – My Logo Designs

One of the tasks for this module was to create a logo in Photoshop that represented ourselves as a brand, following our studies of logos and their impact.

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My Online Media Presence

Pretty much all of us use social media to some extent, whether it be for a business, to keep in touch with friends or to follow what your favourite celebrities are doing. But do we ever really think about how our online presence may effect us, or in what different ways we use social media? In this blog post I will be analysing my social media presence and whether it presents myself as a cohesive brand.

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